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 Upholstery Cleaning In Federal Way

Are you sure your sofas and other furniture are dirt-free? Come on, let’s just accept the truth. Our fully packed daily activities have filled the entire list of our schedule so filled that we even have no time to get our sofas all cleaned up. As a result, various dirt-related illnesses may just threaten our family. At times, we try our best to sneak in a few minutes and give our furniture a little sweeping, however, the accumulated amount of dirt is just so overwhelming that few scrubs cannot handle. If you think those dirty furniture is very impossible to get a cleaning reward, think again. We at Carpet Cleaning Federalway have all the solution to your messy furniture problems. Now, have your stuff as good as new.

We at Carpet Cleaning Federalway assures every customer of the top of the line quality cleaning, thus, giving you the opportunity to spend more time doing other valuable personal and social activities. Our company is composed of highly skilled personnel who are equipped with all the necessary tools to reward your furniture a dirt-free rebirth. Sometimes, you would try cleaning these stuffs by yourself. However, the severity of the filth gives you the hardest time ever than the time you are in the office. This is a simple sweeping task for us. We have the most advanced tools and methods to suit each service such as steam, Organic, and microbial cleaning. Every home is ensured of deep cleaning results like no other.

All types of upholstery are catered by our team. We can clean everything from the couch slightly smeared up with butter to the severely stained beds. Our professional cleaners mastered deep sweeping on the following materials:

  • wool
  • velvet
  • synthetic and natural fibres
  • suede
  • microfiber
  • silk
  • machine made as well as handmade fabrics of the furniture

Our services include gentle cleaning of all sorts of leather coated furniture. Conventional soft suede, hard leather skins, including ornate coverings are all safely handled by our highly skilled cleaners without affecting their colors or threatening the skin fibers. Name it, and they are definitely more than ready for it.

Aside from getting your upholstery totally odor and dirt-free, we are also offering each client the best quality window treatment. Just as you had your upholstery a complete makeover, why not extend it to your window? A fresh breeze passing through an open window will surely give your ‘couch moment’ a very relaxing experience. We at Carpet Cleaning Federalway also assure you of such. Our skilled cleaners are also providing you a highest quality of cleaning experience for your window panes, drapes, blinds, as well as curtains. Regardless of how filthy they are, they will surely arrive at the cleanest results without any trace of stains.


If you have long been searching for the best agents to get your upholstery back into its newest shine, the Carpet Cleaning Federal way is here to serve you 24/7. Dial up and see how upholstery cleaning is defined by our team.


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