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Nobody in this world wants to live in a dirty place. Everyone desires for a place that is clean, conducive and a place to be looked forward to live in to. Most people across the United States have such kind of perspective in their mind. Cleanliness is their primary concern in achieving a healthy life. To attain that, they tend to engage in outdoor activities and enjoy foods that are healthy for the body. With such kind of mind-set, Carpet Cleaning Federal Way is there to give the kind of service you need in cleaning your carpet.

To ensure the health of our clients, we do not use toxic chemicals that may jeopardize the quality of health that your family has. We do not give much attention about the business thing but our primary concern is your health. That is why we securely use all kind of organic solutions that are used in cleaning your carpets.

We do not only want to make your carpet clean and free from stains, odors and dirt but at the same we want it to be toxic free and safe. Having that kind of concern, our technicians are skilled and trained enough in giving their expertise. They execute the technique called as the state of the art steam cleaning for carpet. This will aid in removing the germs, mildew spores and mildew, bacteria without the use of any kind of toxic chemicals. The solutions that we are using are safe for children, pets and clean enough for an infant to lay or play on.

The deep cleaning shampoo that we use will never leave whatever harmful residue in your carpet.  Instead, it will be clean bright that is free from odors and dirt. Our carpet will able to clean all kind of carpet; that includes the following:

  • Machine made or handmade carpets


The gentle hands of our expert cleaner will never harm even a single fiber of your carpet as they do the cleaning of your carpet.


  • Synthetic and Natural Fibers


Our machines together with the technician and the organic carpet cleaning solutions will surely get the stains and dirt out regardless of the type and height without discoloring or fading your carpet.


  • We are able to handle all kinds of carpet material like Berber, Florkati, Persian, silk and wool

We, at Carpet Cleaning Federal Way, strongly believe that to have a non-toxic and clean carpet is not only beneficial to your own family but also for the community. We do not need to harm the environment just to ensure the safety of your family. With the help of the organic solutions and our skilled technicians we are able to achieve an environment friendly service.

If you felt the need of cleaning your carpet, just contact us with this number, (253) 501-6990. You may also reach us through email. If you have any queries or questions we are more than willing to set up consultation that will give you the kind of services you will need.


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